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Michael Tierra presents: Dui Yao - Using Two Herbs As One

Published on 05 May 2019 / In Other

Dui Yao, is the TCM term for "pair medicine". Combinations of herbs form more stable and clinically useful building blocks than single herbs alone. Thousands of Dui Yao pairs were documented in classical Chinese medicine texts.

Dui yao or pairing two herbs is a principle of herbal formulation. Learn why most conditions are more effectively treated with a combination of two or more herbs rather than just one. For instance:
-The effect when one adds a small amount of a spicy herb such as pepper to an herb.
-Why would one want to add a small amount of a demulcent herb when taking an herbal diuretic.
-Herbs or substances we can add to lessen any adverse or toxic reaction to an herb
What herbs or medium should one employ to guide an herb to a specific organ or part of the body?

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